Oh, Was That All?

In the post “Anatomy of a Disaster, Part 2” the folks at Dreamhost explain what all caused some of the problems seen with their service lately.  The problems were obviously complex, considering seven different people from Cisco couldn’t even put their finger on it.  But it seems that things have settled down for them, and are running much smoother (I posted before about the low load on the two shell accounts I have, and sure enough I’ve seen my sites loading faster and performing better than they have in quite some time, even before these problems were noticed.)

Not only their solving the issue, but the fact that they’ll come out and say what was wrong for those of us who understand the concepts (and they’re not afraid to say, “Yeah, we screwed up on that one” either) is proof enough to me that they’re deserving of my patronage.  And should you be looking for a hosting provider, you should look at them too.

  1. tomasino says:

    Saw your comment/link on the dreamhost blog. Great news isn’t it?!

  2. srhuston says:

    Ahh, guess you’re a Dreamhost user too :>

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